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What really is confusing to me is that I have this friend who asked him if we were dating again and he said no.Then she further went on to tell hime that I am on an online dating site now and have been for 4 weeks now. It was NOT two days later after hearing I have an account he creates a POF account too.Since then we have been hanging out about once or twice a week with our kids or just us two.

What would you tell your own child if they were asking your advice with the same story, "He dumps me, then calls me when he's drunk, tells me he misses me, has sex with me when he wants, but says we're not a couple and signs up on a dating site."? I feel you are both using each other...what you have stated. WHat would you tell your kid if they were (old enough) and in the same situation. If he has a bad day he calls me right away to tell me about it.

Sounds like you need some counseling to work on your self esteem. Communication is key in relationships if you don't have a clue what is going on with the relationship then you best move on with your life! Question to ask yourself -is this man marriage material or the man I want around my children? Advice: give your head a good shake take a break from all dating and get grounded before you start another encounter -and that means quit having sex with this guy too! He will have parties at his place and invite me over.

Guys born with brain damage far as I know,they are crazy and never satisfied.

I have been single fro 12 long years trying to find the perfect one and is not such a thing of the perfect one.

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