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Euro Techs is now a Manic Motorsports dealer offering in house and remote ECU mapping.This is the Worlds first fully hand held switchable MINI software, there is no need to overwrite the ECU again and again, simply switch it using the SPS switch.Economy and fairness to the menu with a choice of ten euros 2 / 1 (one meat and one vegetarian) two seconds (one meat and one vegetarian), soft cover and water at 10 euros (dieci!

Everything was excellent and we thought we would return that night for dinner.

To our disappointment when we arrived we discovered the Trattoria was totally booked with reservations.

You will get stock mode and 3 performance modes for Cooper S and John Cooper Works.

Manic Engineers have tested and completed develop specific software in all major regions, designed for your regional specification Minis, taking Environmental and Fueling qualities into account, along with longevity, Altitude, Dyno and MPG testing to name a few.

We stood by the entry for a few minutes but no one was in a hurry to attend to us.

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