) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and my personal favorite… Santa Cruz sits along the California coast, about 2 hours south of San Francisco, the climate is cool and mild and even in the winter it’s likely you can enjoy sitting on the beach, albeit in jeans and a sweatshirt…not necessarily a bikini (which is fine with me, since I don’t own one! Of course whenever I travel I always seek out the “sweet” shops in town!

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There is something so special about visiting the ocean!

Although I live in California, we are about 3 hours from the ocean, so we don’t get to visit quite as often as I would like.

Recently, we packed up the family and headed to Santa Cruz!

I’ve visited the Santa Cruz area about half a dozen times in my life, and it’s always such a treat! redwood forests, unique shopping, a wide array of dining options, the historic (and fun!

The room we stayed in was basically a small 2 bedroom apartment.

My husband and I had a bedroom with a queen bed, there was a tiny (but cute!

) little bedroom with a twin bed that my oldest daughter loved staying in, and then there was a second queen sized bed in the living room area.

We chose the Capitola Venetian Hotel as our home away from home.

Capitola is one of the beautiful little beach towns in the Santa Cruz area.

The Capitola Venetian was a perfect fit for our family! we could see and hear the beach (oh how I love that sound! It was such a luxury to be able to take the girls to the beach, and then easily come back to our room to rest, or shower, or head out to our next activity.

Our room was clean, tastefully decorated and the perfect amount of space for our family.