%0D %0D All I know about Rachel Billson is she was in "The O. He too was going to report some 'exciting news' on Jake around the same time but never did. Btw, with relation to Trent, his news wasn't about the Adam thing as far as I know but relating to Brokeback Mountain at a time when it was rumoured Jake was going to use BBM as a vehicle to come out. Adam."%0D %0D %0D %0D A long time ago Perez (before he got sucked into the anti-bearding publicist's game) strongly implied Jake G and Adam from the OC may have had some sort of fling in Toronto at the film festival. ' and drew hearts on pics of Adam and Jake stuck next to each other, well hearts on Jake's sunglasses and a heart on Adam's crotch area. %0D %0D I also think Trent at Pink knew someothing. C." and she dated the guy from the series, who, I'm almost positive, is gay. Maybe he got his wires crossed (Adam looks like Austin Nichols) or he could have been advised not to go public by someone.

I liked the hot father and I loved all the rich people, and the Mc Mansions.

Rachel Bilson makes a quick trip to the doctor’s office on Thursday (September 16) in Beverly Hills.

The 29-year-old newly single actress was spotted sitting next to Chace Crawford while dining with a group of friends at NYC’s The Lion last Friday.

However, Rachel “is not dating” Chace Crawford, her rep told Just

The Gossip Cop already talked to Jake's reps and got a firm denial. Jake usually doesn't comment on gossip about his personal stuff.

For a reason.%0D %0D Personally, I don't think he's dating her.

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C." and she dated the guy from the series, who, I'm almost positive, is gay. And I thought we said Benjamin Makenzie, the other O. Whatever 'news' it was - that also never occured either.

“She’s friends with his manager and has known Chace for a while,” her rep explained.

“The dinner was with a bunch of people, and it was simply a friendly dinner.

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