The four-time Indy Car champion admitted he was “rattling about” the Georgian mansion and estate after splitting from his wife.He returned to live at Rednock House in Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire, after being forced to retire from racing after a 200mph crash in October, 2013.The 41-year-old has now concluded a deal to sell the eight-bedroom home to Yorkshire farmer Malcolm Pye and his wife Gill.

In January of this year, Ashley Judd and her husband, race car driver Dario Franchitti, formally separated… I don’t think many people were really surprised by the announcement.

I know I was just surprised by the idea that their marriage had managed to hold together for so many years.

So, they were separated for most of this year, and then in October, Dario was badly injured in an accident on the racetrack.

Ashley allegedly dropped everything to be by his side, and shortly after the accident, the tabloids were full of glowing stories about Dario and Ashley’s tender reconciliation. typical of Ashley Judd to think that she’s the one controlling the state of their separation and marriage.

A source told Us Weekly, After race car driver Dario Franchitti got into a traffic accident at the Grand Prix of Houston on Oct. Like, oh, now she’s made up her mind that they’re going to reconcile so she has her publicist tell the tabloids that they’re back together and she’s bravely nursing him back to health…

6 that left him serious injured, his estranged wife Ashley Judd rushed to his side. Close pals say that while Dario is focused on his recovery and his new girlfriend, “only time will tell what the future holds.” Since neither has filed for divorce, there may be a few more miles left on those tires after all., print edition] Ouch. And I actually wonder if this is closer to reality. except that he has a new girlfriend and he’s already moved on. I would love to hear more about this new girlfriend.

The close call made Ashley rethink their recent separation- but Dario, who is dating another woman, immediately spurned her advances.

RACE ace Dario Franchitti has sold his Scottish country pile for £4million after divorcing Hollywood star Ashley Judd.

In 2002, Franchitti and Judd shelled out £1.2million to snap up their dream home and spent years and another £2million returning it to its former glory.

Franchitti turned one of the bedrooms into a shrine to legendary Scots F1 driver Jim Clark.

The home also boasts a drawing room, servant’s rooms, a wine cellar and gym.