Who is the lead singer of gym class heroes dating

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The Sound GCH from the second I saw their line-up reminded me of one band, The Roots.Not because they necessarily sound like the Roots but because like the Roots they use live instruments to play their brand of Alternative Hip-Hop.Anyways I listened to the single and album’s title track Papercuts and then Taxi Driver (a song that seemingly mentions almost every band in the current pop-punk scene).

She’s always careful not to spill too much tea about her past loves, but over time, we’ve learned bits and pieces of her relationship puzzle.

I came across Gym Class Heroes whilst browsing Purevolume's Hip Hop section. This s probably wouldn’t have happened if the band was called something like Atmosphere (though Atmosphere are superior to GCH).

Featuring an eerie string and piano sample Pillmatic almost sounds like an Outkast song, especially because Travis’ voice sounds much Andre 3000 voice.

The lyrics as the name might suggest talks about the singer’s drug addiction and how he steals pills to get away from the pain of life. Pillmatic breezing these down im poundin honey grounds/I’m pillmatic the oxycontin got my stomach rottin/Pillmatic I swear to God I’m not an addict/But I’m still at it, dag nabbit I’m pillmatic My prediction is that the next single, Cupid’s Chokehold will put Gym Class Heroes lyrics into the myspace profiles of every twelve-year-old girl who watches MTV.

because I had all these people stoked about 2011 and about this record. So I'm excited we finally have a release date and that this album has definitely shaped up to be everything and more." Though fans have already gotten a preview of PCC II with its first single, "Stereo Hearts," Mc Coy said they're going to be surprised with the musical direction on the new album.

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