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Basically it’s that we can’t wake up to run downstairs and open presents until we hear John Lennon’s ‘And So This Is Christmas’ play.My mom and dad would wake up super early, make coffee, set up the camcorder, and play the song.My siblings and I would run downstairs and see all the gifts while the song was blaring and it was always magical!

She appeared in the original company of the 1998 revival of The Sound of Music as Marta, and in 2000, created the role of Adele in the musical version of Jane Eyre.

Bowen was also a member of The Broadway Kids concert group.

She has played everyone from a young Margaret Thatcher (in the BBC’s fictionalised account of the former PM’s rise to power, Considering her impressive body of work, some actresses might be slightly miffed at the tag, ‘but actually I think it’s lovely for people to say I’m the next big thing,’ says Andrea.

‘Let’s face it, it’s definitely better than them saying I’m yesterday’s news.’), but a darling of the industry she undoubtedly is.

Andrea Bowen began acting at age 6 as Young Cosette in the Broadway production of "Les Miserables".

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