Cameras and other hi-tech monitoring tools allow the specialist to see on screen exactly what the nurse is seeing in person.

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It allows you to access specialists and doctors that you might not otherwise be able to within the comfort of your local community or sometimes even your home.

Telemedicine can also help minimize healthcare costs while reducing you travel time and time away from work and family.

Ultimately, telemedicine can minimize the complication of disease and even save lives through more proactive screening and early diagnosis for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

A Telemedicine appointment is very similar to a regular visit to physician/PCP.

However, the health care provider will be seeing and talking to you via video conference screen.

If it is not your first visit the health care provider will have information about you from your health records.

However you may bring along additional test results or x-rays with you to the appointment.

You will check in at your local Telemedicine site just as you would with other medical appointment, and be met by a Telemedicine Coordinator.

You can have a telemedicine consultation at a local healthcare institution/provider office that offers telemedicine services.