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Sex Drive is the rare sex comedy that orchestrates gross-out gags instead of piling them all. (Stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime) A loose spoof of Stephen King's Carrie, Zapped!

swaps a tormented high-school female for a concupiscent science geek.

When a freak accident imbues Barney (Scott Baio) with telekinetic powers, he makes sure to take PG-rated revenge against his bullies, but he also finds time to unclasp the bras of the school's most attractive girls. The 1982 film hits all the soft-core beats of a teen sex comedy, including a rather steamy lovemaking session that ends with Baio lighting up a postcoital cigarette.

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This weekend, as you search for a movie to watch, you can either see Sex Tape or pick one of approximately 14 billion options available on streaming over a variety of services, be it Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, On Demand, or other sites.

Every Friday, Vulture tries to make life easier by narrowing it down to a handful of heartily recommended options.This week, a quintessential ’80s sex romp, two modern incarnations, and a couple of the stranger extensions of an adolescence-defining genre.Private Resort (Stream on Hulu, Rent on i Tunes, Vudu, Amazon) After Freddy geysered his guts out in Nightmare on Elm Street, but before his cruising high school as an undercover cop in 21 Jump Street, a 22-year-old Johnny Depp smooth-talked his way through this doofy, bikini-filled comedy straight out of 1985. Sex Drive (Stream on Netflix, Rent on i Tunes, Vudu, Amazon, Xbox, Target Ticket) Raunchy sex comedies are hard to come by in the current post-Apatow, highbrow/lowbrow comedic era.Like so many movies dumped into the '80s (and apparently Hulu too — it's the streaming world's answer to Skinemax), the so-bad-it's-good romp is an excuse to show off Depp's gluteal region and an array of bare-chested model types. “Hard R” translates to foul-languaged bliss, while “crass” is a death sentence to the nearest Walmart's discount rack (hi, American Pie: Book of Love! In 2008's Sex Drive, director Sean Anders tries reclaims the latter in the name of sophomoric lampoonery.There's a heist plot to keep things moving; While on the hunt for poolside hot chicks, Jack (Depp) and Ben (future Northern Exposure star Rob Morrow) stumble into a jewel heist by the hair-obsessed thief known as the Maestro (Hector Elizondo). Watching a newly engaged woman slip on her stepson's dampened masturbation towel is crass.Strapping a giant brown dildo to a Mexican doughnut costume and sending it into a busy mall is crass. Andres's simple plot — virgin boy forges online relationship with girl, road-trips to meet her — snowballs vulgarity, and just when you think it's going to implode, actor Josh Zuckerman steps up his Kevin Arnold–like charm.