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Complete List of all Sex Offenders Registered in Texas Registered sex offenders are required to register at least once per year and the department takes action against those who do not meet their registration requirements.Likewise, the department will take action against citizens who abuse information regarding registered sex offenders.Still, much of their usage can be characterized not as guarding, but as simple entertainment.

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Privacy fears top the list of concerns, and for good reason, Barach said.

Nearly 30 percent of adults admit to snooping on someone else's mobile phone, he added, "making users aware of the potential violations that happen when we put our phones down." And while 72 percent of adult smartphone owners don't let their device drift further than five feet away at any time, a majority still keep their phone password protected, worried about theft of personal information (65 percent), losing contact with people (58 percent), calls being made on their behalf (39 percent), someone logging into their social profiles (33 percent), and someone using their mobile payment options (26 percent).

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