A video showing women in uniform being beaten and harassed by Sri Lankan soldiers has been confirmed as authentic by the country's army.According to our local Observer, this is not an isolated incident.

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We frequently receive complaints from women beaten by their partners, tortured by the police, or raped in prison.

But our organisation had never received any direct complaints regarding violence or torture of women in the army.

It’s excellent news that the army recognises the video’s authenticity.

Those who were unable to complete push-ups, or who did not crawl quickly enough, were viciously beaten.

The Sri Lankan army officially recognised the authenticity of the video two days after its publication.

According to a spokesperson, the video was filmed in October 2012 in the Anuradhapura district in the centre of the country.

The instructors allegedly punished these women for “violating military discipline”, but according to the military spokesperson, the methods used were “not in accordance with standard procedures”.

The army promised that strict disciplinary action would be taken against the perpetrators.

This gratuitous violence against women is intolerable, but sadly this is nothing new.

Cases of women being tortured emerge on a regular basis.

Sri Lanka is a patriarchal society where domestic violence against women is commonplace.