User control updatepanel not updating

by  |  30-Oct-2018 04:34

When I initiate user control from aspx page during page load, everything is ok.

user control updatepanel not updating-55

User control updatepanel not updating

User Control uc = (User Control)Load Control(control Path);uc. Is there an easy way to dynamically load a user control without the controls (inside the user control) becoming ajaxified? If you press control2 in the menu THEN use f5 to refresh the browser you lose the page you are on but on top of that you also wont be able to load any control at all.trying to figure out a fix for it but havent found one yet..

ID = "dummy ID"; Thanks vary good sample thanks man`But I notice one thing, if you are click on menu item and load sample1 ascx then click on submit event is again click from menu and load again sample1 ascx and then click submit event will not will fire second time when you click submit again... All of the controls inside my user control are all updating each other on every postback. For SCSI : it is due to the use of a dynamically added trigger in the Page. You need to put the declaration of this trigger in the Page. I had this problem before but since I do all in Page. Hi SCSII ran into the same problem and solve it.event handler won't register if you add your controls in page_load. When i load the page none of them is selected from the start, how do i select a User Control that dynamicly load in on Page_Load?

Not until the dropdown even fires again and the chart is updated.

My question is, how can I get this separate control to update the chart.

I didn't define events within the control I just expected the built in on Click events to do all of the work for me.

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