Many of these have automatic update processes, but some receivers require the user to download and install the latest firmware update.

But you need to make sure your computer is well connected to internet because option B obtains update database from remote server directly via i Carsoft Updating Tool automatically and completes update.

• Step2: Uncompress the i Carsoft Updating Tool you just downloaded.

• Step3: Install the i Carsoft Updating Tool in your computer. • Step 4: After installation, connect the scanner to the computer USB port via the USB cable.

( Please make sure your internet is well connected during the updating period. • Step6: For detailed updating steps, please click the link to check below.

To keep your computer updated with the latest software and features for Intel® Wi Di, we recommend that you turn on the Windows* Update capability.

You can also use the tool on this page anytime to ensure your computer has the latest software and drivers for Intel Wi Di and to install any needed updates.

Intel Wi Di works best with certified Intel Wi Di receivers (adapter, TV, set-top box).

Software Updates Software Updates: The websites of the only official websites appointed by i Carsoft company for the updating of all i Carsoft serial products.

All sorts of software of i Carsoft products offered by any other website or company are not original which may cause serious damage to i Carsoft scanner products. About the latest software for i Carsoft serial products update, i Carsoft company will upload it onto customers to download as soon as it's available.