The color value associated with a waypoint or track is still preserved as part of the item's stored information so that it will still be present for GPS devices that utilize this value. Removed the color field from waypoint and track dialogs since Map Source does not use this value.

updating maps on nuvi 350-73

Added the capability to copy and paste between this version of Map Source and other applications (including older versions of Map Source) which may use a different version of the data.

When importing older format files, the base name of the files is preserved in an effort to simplify the conversion process.

However, users can no longer view and edit this value from the Map Source user interface. Added capability to import files from the old MPS file format and export GDB files to the old MPS file format.

Note that this preference may not be fully supported by some older Garmin map products.

Added a preference for avoiding unpaved roads while autorouting.

Reorganized route and track dialogs to make more commonly used fields more readily accessible to new users.

Also provided the capability to copy the text of driving directions to the clipboard from the driving directions tab. Improved the vertical track profile by making the window resizable and adding keyboard support for scrolling and zooming.

The strings specifying the types of files Map Source can export were translated so that they will appear in the same language as Map Source.

Changed the 'recently found places' dialog to automatically select the first 'recently found place' when it is brought up.