TEL int[] supported Attributes = pim Supported Attributes(Contact.

updating contacts on blackberry-87updating contacts on blackberry-25

TEL) returns 0 and the code will never enter the loop. ATTR_WORK When we say contact.count Values(Contact. TEL); it returns 2 because the contact has only 2 nos.

Also consider a scenario where user does not have any contact numbers and only has name then contact.count Values(Black Berry Contact.

For e.g if user does not have fax number then we cannot update fax number.

ew years back, copying all contacts to the SIM was the only way of importing contacts onto a new phone.

Most of the Smartphone operating systems today have better native support for address book management and synchronization.

On my old HTC Touch(running Windows Mobile), I could easily sync Outlook contacts with the device using Active Sync.

However Active Sync worked only over a wired cable or via Bluetooth and there was no other wireless way of synchronizing contacts Blackberry on the other hand has an amazing wireless contact sync feature.

There is no separate “Sync” operation triggered by the user !!

; Any updates done on the Blackberry Address book are synced back to Gmail Contacts and same holds good for any updates done on Gmail Contacts.