Tversity library not updating

by  |  01-Sep-2018 11:54

If for any reason you’re having trouble with the software being detected be your 360, try the Quick Start guide for the 360/PS3.Personally I had no trouble, but there are apparently a few known issues that you may run into. Although the Xbox 360 has a built-in You Tube app, it’s not great, and I prefer viewing You Tube through TVersity.With the free version you can watch files saved to your computer and a few online content sources including You Tube, Google Videos and Flickr.

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As you might expect, setting up TVersity begins by downloading the file from the developer’s site.

The installer looks like every other Windows installer, but there are two options you’ll want to pay attention to. It’s not unusual for a free program to offer some terrible toolbar, but the one from TVersity is actually useful.

If you want Hulu on your Xbox it’s a much better choice to just pay for Hulu Plus then try to beam in Hulu through TVersity.

I think most 360 owners won’t have any need to buy the full version, but it’s a good idea to donate some money to the developers if you end up using the software as part of your home media setup.

One commenter noted that the ease of its use can be enhanced with a media server program called TVersity.

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