Transactional replication with updating subscribers who is spice boy dating

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--Declarations for adding a transactional publication DECLARE @publication DB AS sysname; DECLARE @publication AS sysname; DECLARE @login AS sysname; DECLARE @password AS sysname; SET @publication DB = N'Adventure Works2008R2'; SET @publication = N'Adv Works Product Tran'; SET @login = $(Login); SET @password = $(Password); USE [Adventure Works2008R2] -- Enable transactional replication on the publication database.

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Login and password values are supplied at runtime using sqlcmd scripting variables. EXEC sp_addpullsubscription @publisher = @publisher, @publication = @publication, @publisher_db = @publication DB, @update_mode = N'failover', @subscription_type = N'pull'; -- Add an agent job to synchronize the pull subscription, -- which uses Windows Authentication when connecting to the Distributor.

EXEC sp_addpullsubscription_agent @publisher = @publisher, @publisher_db = @publication DB, @publication = @publication, @job_login = @login, @job_password = @password; -- Add a Windows Authentication-based linked server that enables the -- Subscriber-side triggers to make updates at the Publisher.

EXEC sp_addlogreader_agent @job_login = @login, @job_password = @password, -- Explicitly specify the use of Windows Integrated Authentication (default) -- when connecting to the Publisher.

@publisher_security_mode = 1; -- Create a transactional publication that supports immediate updating, -- queued updating, and pull subscriptions.

Updatable subscriptions including immediate updating and queued updating with snapshot and transactional publications.

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