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We all have our preferences - the epic man versus nature battles on Deadliest Catch or the petty squabbling over Jimmy Choo shoes on The Real Housewives franchise.

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We present, in no particular order, our top 10 reality television shows.

Deadliest Catch Who knew watching men fishing could be so riveting?

Maxywaxy460 Singing, Dancing, Fighting, Arguing, Selling, Nominating, Evicting, Cooking, Inventing, Falling, Failing, Dating, Surviving or just opening boxes hoping for 250,000. Bad Lad's Army Bad Lad's Army is a British reality show in which 30 delinquents aged between 16-24 volunteer for 30 days National Service 1950s style.

Yep, there's a reality show for everyone & now there's a list of them being put together to see which is best! The only thing is it's not on enough :( Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? But, I suppose, wasn't lucky enough or maybe I got them scared by answering too many questions they asked me on the phone. The show features billet inspections, beastings and comments from celebrities who did National Service during the 1950s.

Maybe that’s why TV is now, more loaded with so many reality TV shows. Remote locations, intimate human drama, thrilling competition, daring stunts, romance, and yes, titillating voyeurism –making the shows influential.

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