But deep down you know that those old-school ways are a waste on your teens. So, what can you do to ensure your teen’s safety and their trust? How sure are you that your teen is safe from all of these? If you’re thinking about taking their phones away or checking them behind their backs. Sit back in your chair, relax and read below as a new world of parenting is about to be unfolded. Your parents might tell you to raise our teens the same way they raised you. ’ The seemingly harmless device in their hands is a gateway to another world: the cyber world – the fascinating world of communication which is home of online predators, cyber bullying, inappropriate content and sexting.

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If you know the answer to all these questions, then great, but if you don’t; you most definitely want to know!

You can’t take their phone away, they (in most cases) won’t give you their passwords, and don’t even consider spying on them. Becauseif they catch you doing this or find out about it any other way; they will feel hurt and mistrusted. One digital way gaining popularity among parents is; parental monitoring apps like Family Time.

You can use this app to monitor their online activities.

Les médecins urologues du Centre de santé Cosem sont là pour soigner des pathologies telles que les maladies de la prostate, les calculs et infections urinaires, les incontinences, les hernies, les tumeurs, les problèmes de stérilité, de puberté tardive et d’impuissance masculine.

Pour prévenir et éviter un aggravement de certaines pathologies, le Centre de santé du Cosem a mis en place un programme de dépistage des cancers de la prostate et de la vessie.

Même s’il peut être gênant pour vous de parler de ces problèmes, car ce sont des organes au sujet desquelles il est parfois difficile d’avouer certains dysfonctionnements, sachez que nos médecins urologues sont là pour vous écouter attentivement, sans vous juger et surtout pour vous soigner le mieux possible.

Il est donc important de tout leur dire, sans aucun tabou.

, the innovative, unique collection of five Interactive e Books with learning simulations, gives teens hands-on experience in navigating the online world in a safe, controlled environment.

Titles include: Easy to use with a group or individually, these Interactive e Books can be projected on a whiteboard or viewed on individual student computers.