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“He found a way to become one of my closest friends, and that’s when a real attraction, admiration, and then love crept in.” The two were married in June, and are still in newlywed bliss. She is a third-grade teacher at Fred Armon Toomer Elementary School, and he is an entrepreneur.

There are literally hundreds more Spelman/Morehouse, even AUC unions.

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After a few dates, they became what Kenique describes as “pretty tight.” Dating for several years, the couple became engaged in 2010. Kenique is a stay-at-home mother to a toddler son, and George has his own chiropractor office in Hyattsville, Md.

Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel When Rahqwan (Rock) Major first laid eyes on Samantha Tulin, C’2011, he said, “It was like a light was shining down on her, and she looked like an angel.” She was standing in front of the Morehouse bookstore.

Not just a haven to gain knowledge, college is known to be a great place to meet a mate. After no more than five dates and a two-month engagement, the former Lindsay and Marshall were married in her hometown of Newberry, S. 15, right after Sunday morning church services, we were married.” They first met as glee club members.

According to a 2013 study from Facebook, 28 percent of its U. He was a business administrative major who sang in the Morehouse Glee Club.

There are plenty of people from different socioeconomic groups as well as people with cultural, linguistic, and ideological differences.

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