Will Hayden, the former star of "Sons of Guns," appeared at a court hearing Thursday, Aug 20, 2015, in state district court in Baton Rouge regarding two charges of aggravated rape and one charge of forcible rape.(East Baton Rouge Parish Prison) A year in jail appears to have worn on former 'Sons of Guns' reality TV star Will Hayden, who was in court Thursday (Aug.

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"I'm releasing the dream team," State District Judge Mike Erwin said, to laughs from most of the lawyers in the room.

Frank Holthaus, Steven Moore and Franz Borghardt had been advising Hayden since his arrest last August.

He was originally charged in East Baton Rouge Parish with aggravated rape of a child.

Remember when Stephanie Seymour raised more than a few eyebrows and set off one or two incest alarms when she sort of made out with her son Peter Jr. Well, Harper’s Bazaar ran with that very-intimate-bordering-on-sexual familial energy for a mother/son shoot in its latest issue. But the sexy black dresses, the hand placement, the S&M undercurrent, Stephanie Seymour clutching a butcher’s knife while her baby bears curl around her long gams? But if you can get past the slightly disturbing nature of the shoot, Derek Blasberg has actually written a nice profile of the budding bon vivants and their family.

Great shot.) The whole thing makes me think of the Arrested Development "Motherboy XXX" episode, or Norman Bates, split in twain with a love of Gucci kimonos.

The Brants are your typical teenage boys who grew up picking out vintage Dior for their mother, running free on a 300-acre Connecticut estate with 50 ponies, taking regular lunch meetings with their father, and doting on a mother who fully embraces their love of dandyism and attending parties.

It’s a pretty unconventional — emphasis on unconventional — and touching family portrait.

The short, buzzed hair style he once sported that gave off a Bruce Willis vibe is gone, replaced with gray hair that has grown in over his ears and on the back of his crown.

While waiting for the judge to call his name, Hayden appeared relaxed but alert from his spot on the bench, closest to the courtroom gallery.

He leaned back with his head resting on the wall as he scanned the courtroom with a straight-faced expression.

The only development in his case Thursday was that the three private lawyers who were representing Hayden were taken off the case.