They each share their minds with you on this issue close to their hearts.

“Use the Word” has lined blank space for you to explain how you can use what you’ve learned in the passage.

All the Countries of the World Available from This book is a great new resource to help with Kingdom Praying.

It includes pictures, statistics and the history for all the countries in the world.

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Mission Africa From Every day 6,500 people die on the continent of Africa from the AIDS virus.

The people there are plagued by war and famine, drought and disease.But they are our neighbors in the world and in Christ. Mission: Africa is a collection of the thoughts of many of your favorite music artists like Jars of Clay, The Newsboys, Michael Tait, GRITS, John Reuben, Out of Eden, and many others.“Think About The Word,” which simplifies the preceding Psalm passage for easier understanding.“Live the Word” further explains how you may live the passage today in your everyday life.“My Praises” section is lined blank space for the reader’s praise of God.“Pray about the Word” offers a prayer you can read to God.