In 2015, there were substantial data breaches across the globe.Members’ private data was stolen from Linked In, Ashley Madison, major banks and other organizations.

Hackers are finding ways to track your financial details while you’re using Google Pay and Apple Pay to transfer money.

Alarmingly, according to Kaspersky, more than 50% of smartphone users are not aware that their smartphones can be hacked.

Access is gained through the camera and most users don’t know this.

We develop and produce mechanical and electrical locking systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and telematic systems for the automotive industry worldwide.

Huf´s competence: hardware and software developing, die casting, plastic moulding, painting, assembling, manufacturing of electronic devices.15 countries, the Huf Group is present with production and/or development facilities.

An international team serves our clients in the automotive industry.Select the menu, select the desired country's society and learn more about the respective productions and locations.They’re developing clever tactics to outsmart security measures.You have to wise up to these security trends on the increase this year…Smartphones are a new target Convenience is not always the best solution.Online banking and paying for goods on your smartphone can be dangerous.