dating anniversary ideas for couples - Sex for money sites in mombasa

by  |  19-Sep-2018 20:42

“I was watching an English Premier League match at a pub in Bamburi when I offered to buy drinks for two young women I was a sharing a table with.As time progressed, I became too friendly with one of them who was readily accepting my overtures,” he narrates.

Sex for money sites in mombasa

We share the proceeds with our accomplices,” she adds.

Police sources who spoke urged men who are attacked and robbed to report such cases for action.

But they disappeared with the “wife” after I mentioned the police,” Katana explains.

A commercial sex worker who plies hear trade in Sabasaba only known as “Ndombolo” due to her bulky size told Crazy Monday that although they feel for the targeted men as it is a brutal way of getting their money, Mombasa men have become so stingy and difficult with their money.

He says the new method is foolproof to the unsuspecting eye since nobody in his right frame of mind would defend a man who is eloping with other people’s wives and taking them to bars.

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