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When the pet's condition causes him or her anxiety and restlessness and when he or she is not able to rest in a lying down position comfortably.5.

In my experience, cats ALWAYS do better with the pre-euthanasia sedation except in some rare cases where the pet's condition is so advanced that he or she is already semi-conscious.

With the use of the heavy sedative, your pet will be, for all intents and purposes, unconscious and out of pain, although he or she may not loose blinking reflexes and may have an occasional swallow.

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In most cases, it is less stressful to simply have the IV catheter placed without any pre-medications.

The only discomfort the IV catheter placement will usually cause is simply a little prick. The advantage of having the IV catheter placed with no prior injections is that there will be only one needle and the injections given thereafter, since they will be given IV, will cause no pain and no discomfort at all.

Also, some pets, like cancer patients or pets with neurologic disorders may react differently to medication and to pain.

In addition, the sedative takes some time to take into effect.

The restraint needed to place the IV catheter or the discomfort related to injecting the sedative?

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