Quivers did participate in the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race in 2007 but finished the race in last place among those drivers not involved in a wreck.Since this event not much has been mentioned about Robin's race car driving career. She began to explore independent opportunities during the FCC indecency crackdown earlier in the year.

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She announced on the April 30, 2007, show that she was developing a mid-day talk show of her own for Sirius of "women's issues".

While still in the planning stage, Quivers revealed she would continue her role on the "Stern Show" and that her show would most likely not air on Howard 100/101, but would air on another channel following the Howard Stern show.

Personal life Quivers resides in , with three cats.

Stern moved around to numerous stations, being fired or quitting, during the 1980s.

Quivers stood by Stern wherever the show would take them, and continued their partnership. In 1995, Quivers' autobiography, titled "Quivers: A Life," was published.

In the book, Quivers writes about her relationship with Stern and his radio show crew, as well as her life of growing up in the mean streets of Baltimore. During the 2004 election season, Quivers pledged to leave the USA in the event that George W. Quivers has yet to fulfill her pledge and this has been joked about on-air.

In similar fashion, Quivers has backed off a 2006 challenge to fellow Sirius broadcaster to engage in a stock car race where the loser of the event would be required to perform a sexual act on the race winner.

and that she overheard her parents arguing after her mother caught her father molesting another little girl who lived in their neighborhood.

Her father was never arrested or charged with molesting Quivers or any other child.