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I eventually got so comfortable I decided to start doing adult film.My first scene ever was with the now retired Molly Cavalli and the experience was so fun and laid back that I thought I can do this for a career! I think a lot of girls jump into the business super hungry and they also burn out really quick.My mom had done Playboy when I was younger so my family has always been sexually open.

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Reality Kings bought my first 5 scenes and shortly after I was contracted to Digital Playground for just shy of two years. ” I was fucking around with my personal trainer so that’s kind of inappropriate, right?

…back when I was 18…I was doing Pro Show modeling for a couple of years.

So I switched a couple of letters around and then realized that ‘Lovia’ didn’t even exist.

I thought it was a great opportunity to capitalize on it.

I cleaned up the word, I liked it and trademarked it so I now own anything that has Lovia on it…I grew up in upstate New York. I didn’t really go out with boys and I was very much of a good girl growing up”.“Even my 83-year old grandmother just found out. I don’t really get into too much detail with her but my mom goes out to bars and when she’s drunk, ‘This is my daughter!

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