And in a grotesque twist, witnesses claim that Rita's mother not only encouraged her to have sex with the 'Messiah' but also participated in the blood-drinking ceremony that followed her daughter's murder.This is not one of the many dark episodes from Papua New Guinea's ancient past when cannibalism was rife.Rita was killed only a matter of months ago - and two more young women have since been sacrificed in similarly barbaric ceremonies. Today, Black Jesus is in hiding, deep in the most impenetrable mountain jungle.

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However, according to the college principal, Pastor Kyther Worrety, Tari quickly set himself apart from the other students.

"He saw himself as different from the other young men here," says Pastor Worrety.

"He went off at a tangent, didn't agree with the Bible's teachings and eventually vanished, leaving behind all his clothes and belongings.

But while the local police have confirmed that the bodies of three murdered young girls have been exhumed from crude jungle graves, are these reports of child sacrifice and cannibalism true, or simply borne out of fertile imagination and rumour?

And who is this brutal, murdering self-styled prophet?

Steven Tari was born on the island of Manus, north-east of Papua New Guinea, where Prince Charles once danced with the local women before he married Princess Diana.

After Tari's parents split up, he made his way to the mainland town of Madang, where he enrolled at the Amron Bible College to study to be a Lutheran pastor.

When a tall stranger calling himself 'Black Jesus' lured Rita Hemen away from her remote jungle village, he promised to make her one of his special 'flower girls' and convinced her that her family would one day be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

The pretty Papua New Guinean girl, just 13 years old, could never have imagined, as she innocently followed the attractive figure up the mountain, that she would become tangled in a pagan web of evil from which there was no escape.

After being stripped naked, she was tied to a crude bed in a dark hut, raped by the 31-year-old man claiming to be the true Messiah - and then, with birds of paradise calling in the valley below, her throat was brutally cut with a bush knife. As the girl lay dying, her blood was drained into a coconut shell and drunk by the murderer and his evil henchmen.

In a final horrific act, they cut strips of flesh from her body and feasted on it.