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by  |  10-Aug-2018 06:00

This concept even carries weight in the business world, as many in corporate America will tell you that single businessmen usually aren’t taken as seriously as their married counterparts.

In this sense, a ring might be the best financial investment a man can make.

When it comes to a white conservative politicians interracial dating, the Liberal media portrays it as something negative.

“Is the fact that Ryan has dated inter-racially a noteworthy detail to consider when analyzing his politics and policies? Referencing no examples of behavior by Ryan that could be viewed racist, Goff only suggests that one day Ryan may be faced with racist allegations and use the fact that he dated a black woman in college as his defense.

Crystal Wright is an occassional contributor to The Root DC and is the editor of the political site “Conservative Black Chick.” Paul Ryan had a black girlfriend in college: That’s the issue that’s been burning up Twitter (and several conservative pundits) this week thanks to this piece that appeared in The Root , that wondered aloud if we should be suspicious of Ryan’s interracial relationship.

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