A single image of the JDK/JRE software is modified per execution.To administer the tool to multiple instances of the JDK/JRE software, see the section Systemwide Usage.You must stop any running instances of the JDK/JRE software to be operated upon before you run the TZUpdater tool on that installed JDK/JRE software image.

The TZUpdater tool is provided to allow you to update installed Java Development Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software with more recent timezone data, to accommodate daylight saving time (DST) changes in different countries.

Oracle relies on the timezone data publicly available through IANA's Time Zone Database.

Oracle recommends that you use the latest Oracle Java SE platform JDK or JRE update release as the preferred means of delivering both timezone data updates and other product improvements, such as security fixes.

To see which JDK or JRE update release incorporates the updated timezone data for your locale, see Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software.

However, if you are unable to use Oracle's latest JDK or JRE update release or if the timezone data on the latest release is not the most current one available, the TZUpdater tool provides a means of updating timezone data while leaving other system configuration and dependencies unchanged.

If you have already run a previous version of the TZUpdater tool on your JDK/JRE software, you do not need to apply this version of the tool, unless your system requires the specific bug fixes described in Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software.

A version of TZUpdater tool for updating the current version of Oracle’s Java Runtime Enviroment is available in Oracle Technology Network - Java SE Download Page Support customers can download a TZUpdater tool for older versions through My Oracle Support.

See Note 1412103.2 TZUpdater v2.0.2 contains the following bug fixes : The TZUpdater tool modifies the JDK/JRE software instance that is used to execute the tool.

You must specify the option allows the user to point to the IANA repositories and get the tool to compile the latest tzdata sources on demand.

The tool also references a https resource website for SHA-512 hash values if the -l option is specified with a http or https protocol. Socket Timeout Exception: connect timed out at tools.tzupdater.

For this reason, any environment which operates with proxy access, will need to set the http and https proxy values while running the tool. Timezone Updater.main(Timezone Updater.java:788) Caused by: Socket Timeout Exception: connect timed out There may be some situations where a new tzdata release is available but Oracle has not yet updated the https resource website with the new SHA-512 hash value.