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Insider Tip: Park City has a posh side as well as a rugged, so there is something for everyone and every budget.

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Ogden utah dating ideas

But if not, seek out a local spot for antiquing where you two can get lost for an hour or two, hunting for records and retro treasures, or perusing the shelves of dusty vintage books. If you're both extra outdoorsy, make it a weekend camping trip in the mountains before the weather gets too severe.

A brisk hike is an ideal winter date for adventure-seekers to take in some sights and get in exercise at once (the views! Winter is peak ballet season so it's the best time to nab yourselves tickets to The Nutcracker or Swan Lake.

If you’re looking for some winter excitement, the prime season for skiing is December through March and the famous Sundance Film Festival happens in January.

National Parks Utah has five amazing national parks scattered across the state that are perfect for any adventure seeking couple.

In the summer, you can enjoy mountain biking, hiking, one of the largest slides in the world (Alpine Slide), and zip lining.

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