Ntp not updating date

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Also the client software is a lot more complex than you might think - it has to factor out communication delays, and adjust the time in a way that does not upset all the other processes that run on the server. That shall ensure that no two time syncing services are fighting and also to retain any kind of old behaviour/config that you had through an upgrade.

But luckily all that complexity is hidden from you! But it also implies that on an upgrade from a former release ntp/ntpdate might still be installed and therefore renders the new systemd based services disabled.

The time will not automatically update unless you make this change.

The reason for this is given in the ntpd man page ( Most operating systems and hardware of today incorporate a time-of-year (TOY) chip to maintain the time during periods when the power is off.

I have connect my raspberry pi to LAN but there is no internet available so is there any method to update raspberry pi date time by using a PC (windows 7) in LAN. NTPClient() response = client.request('xxx.xxx', version=4) print "====================================" print "Offset : " str(response.offset) print "Version : " str(response.version) print "Date Time : " str(ctime(response.tx_time)) print "Leap : " str(ntplib.leap_to_text(response.leap)) print "Root Delay : " str(response.root_delay) print "Ref Id : " str(ntplib.ref_id_to_text(response.ref_id)) os.system("sudo date -s '" str(ctime(response.tx_time)) "'") print "====================================" except: os.system("sudo date") print "NTP Server Down Date Time NOT Set At The Startup" pass You will need to configure your Win7 PC as a Time Server, and then configure the Ras Pi to connect to it for NTP services.

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