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Our proprietary matching algorithm and extensive geek knowledge means we have you covered, no matter how obscure your interest. Join thousands of Geeks meeting on Dragon Fruit: the best way to meet people in your area who share your geeky interests.

Regardless of your profile preferences the search always defaults to people of all genders and a range of 100 miles.

Furthermore, while I found it buried in the browser version, I can't find where you define your location and distance preferences in the app.

Dragon Fruit is an authentic community that supports geeks of all kinds and helps them find love and friendship.

The Dragon Fruit app is based on a unique matching algorithm that pairs up people with the same and related Geekdoms to remove the awkwardness of the first meeting.“The Dragon Fruit environment is one where users can let their geek flag fly and be proud of their geekdoms.

Users can feel confident that their matches on the Dragon Fruit app will be from a like-minded community that shares their interests and passions.”18 This update is huge and addresses many of the issues our wonderful users have reported to us.

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