Spanning 20 years of friendship, will Harry and Sally ever end up as a couple?The film begins with Allie and Noah as two lovers in the summer of 1940 in South Carolina.

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I've also included a sadness rating to help you determine how many boxes of tissues you'll need. A beautiful young upperclass woman, Rose, falls in love with a lower-class man, Jack, who clearly has more time to think about, sketch, and woo her than her self-absorbed fiancé. You'll see this theme in several other romantic movies produced years after often shows up on lists (like this one) of the most romantic movies of all time, according to the American Film Institute. ) This is a great story of chance, meddling, and just pure fun.

Keep in mind of course that this list is based on personal opinion and preferences. After he rescues Rose from a near suicide attempt, the two fall quickly and madly in love. The chemistry between Hanks and Ryan is convincing, and you'll smile through your tears!

Feel free to vote in the poll below as to your favorite romantic movie. When Jack is framed for burglary, he is locked in the basement of the ship. Trivia: I got to party in the houseboat that "starred" as the home of Tom Hanks' character when I was a young lawyer in Seattle in 1994. The romantic movie stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams as the young version of a modern-day couple who are now aged.

Also, if I didn't include one on this list, leave me a comment. As we knew it would, the Titanic runs into an iceberg and all of a sudden, the ship is going down into icy waters. But, alas, there are not enough lifeboats for everyone on board. Noah is a grandfather with a grown family who visit Allie at the nursing home in which she lives, because she has advanced Alzheimer's disease.

With the help of Whoopie Goldberg's character, Molly can communicate with Sam's ghost.

Who can forget the scene when Sally convinces Harry that he's probably not is the story about a couple (Sam and Molly, played by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore) who reunite through a medium after Sam is killed during a mugging.

Some of the funniest lines and scenes ever in a romantic movie are included.

Each year, studios release a good half dozen films about love and romance. Sam tries to warn Molly that she is in serious danger and that the attack on him was planned.

But really, most of them are trite and predictable. Oda Mae, Goldberg's character, is a con man who discovers that she can communicate with Sam.

If you want to see one of the best romantic movies, you need a reliable list of those that have stood the test of time, or are simply unique love stories you'll enjoy again and again. This romantic movie stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as just friends who could . You've got to see the scenes in which she channels him.

Outstanding romantic movies include just the right blend of drama, angst, longing, and even humor. Only after his work is done on Earth can Sam pass onto the afterlife. the 1993 film tells the story of a couple, Sam and Annie, who meet through the efforts of Sam's son who convinces Sam to call into a talk radio station to talk about how he is literally sleepless in Seattle, after the death of his wife.