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In other words, she has a good head on her shoulders, she is pragmatic, and her ambition is tinted with a mix of modesty and pride. A planet, more important than signs, must be dealt with: Neptune sits on the Midheaven and sextiles her Ascendant.

Although this planet forms no other significant aspects with the personal planets of the chart (the orb is too wide), it is specifically highlighted at the time of birth.

As we know, Neptune is often prominent in artists chart.

Astrology does not reveal everything, of course, but using the dominants and other peculiarities of the natal chart, we can see whether the astrological portrait matches the collective image or offers unsuspected additional nuances. and Bernard Tapie, here is an article about the very feminine Monica Bellucci.

"The" Bellucci put all of them at her feet, including the most prestigious names, such as Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana et Dior, as well as various directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Gaspar No, Mel Gibson, Bertrand Blier and recently, Emir Kusturica, whom she is shooting a film with in 2013.

It is obvious that with her Sun in Libra, she managed to advance her career by blending good luck, intuition, and perseverance.

Let us look at her astrological tendencies in order to better understand the gorgeous Italian lady born in Citta di Castello, in Umbria.

First, the fact that her Sun is posited in a sign ruled by Venus is not surprising.

Her sensual and Mediterranean look was the main asset which enabled her to leave her small hometown and to be open to an international destiny by becoming a model to fund her studies.