See Answer Question: I am a father of two and my wife physically and mentally abuses our kids. See Answer Question: What if I don't agree to court decision in custody/parenting time self representation/ attourney for other party.can I file an appeal or express my reasons for not agreeing See Answer Question: How can my ex-husband file court papers changing the custody orders made with our divorce, stating that i can not take my son out of the county they live in. its a long story and i need help getting my kids back.See Answer Question: How are custody issues decided?

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Can I file for termination of parental rights and how do I do so.

See Answer Question: what are the fathers rights if not married?

See Answer Question: Please describe what the courts look at for "best Interest for the child".

Do they take into account what the child(ren) want?

See Answer Question: what does Contributing to the delinquency of a minor mean?

See Answer Question: Does a parent have to have health insurance on his or her child to be able to file for joint, physical custody?

See Answer Question: I have a son who his father and I aren't married but the father is on the birth certificate.

See Answer Question: Does a mother have sole custody of a child if you have a child out of wedlock and there is no court order in place?

See Answer Question: Can I file for back child support for a child I raised for eight years if I did not originally ask for child support?

Custody changed to the mother about a year and a half ago where she did not ask for child support and now she is filing for it. See Answer Question: i need direction in finding a class were i can take for reinterduction so that i may see my children See Answer Question: I have 2 daughters with a mixed native american women who I was never married to and I want to gain custody of our daughters but I am not native american. See Answer Question: I gave revocable guardianship to my mom when I moved out of state so the kids could finish that school year and I started my new job.

See Answer Question: Is there specific paper I need to move out of state after a divorce where I have received sole custody of the children See Answer Question: What if I've been to prison and while I was there, my son's father took me to court and got sole legal custody, and since then has dumped my son off on his family (3 years) and has left the state? Now that I have petitioned to revoke guardianship, she is suing me for custody. See Answer Question: Where can I find a court approved parenting class?