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by  |  28-Jun-2018 23:51

All four mail services share the same basic template, with an email list pane in the center and folders on the left.

As with the Hangouts pane, Gmail lacks any indicators (beyond the Help menu) that explain this functionality.

features a minimalist interface that diverges from Yahoo Mail and Gmail in several important ways.

Unlike folders, you can apply multiple labels to a single email, which is helpful if you have overlapping categories such as Shopping and Shipping Updates. Gmail displays the labels in the email list pane, allowing you to see at a glance if any emails in that category are available.

Gmail also allows you to de-clutter your inbox without deleting emails outright by archiving mail.

The disadvantage of folders compared to labels, however, is that moving a message to a folder removes it from your inbox; with labels, emails can be categorized within the inbox itself.

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