All researchers who are currently assigned to SCP-1541 who converse with SCP-1541-1 should report and attempt to dissuade any mention of SCP-1541-1 desiring to return to Earth, due to security and public exposure concerns. All instant messaging service providers in the area of initial contact are currently being monitored for any further attempts by SCP-1541-1 to contact additional descendants of its original followers.

Lonly phone chat-71

Description: SCP-1541-1 is an entity currently located in the approximate location of the G34.3 ethanol cloud in the Aquila constellation.

It claims to be the physical representation of the deity [REDACTED], and that it has been attempting to contact the descendants of its former followers for what it approximates as the past 100 years.

SCP-1541-1 currently shows a tendency towards alcoholism and manic depressive disorder.

SCP-1541-2 is a [REDACTED] brand cellular phone, whose number was reallocated to a Foundation-owned communications network upon discovery and containment.

Logs of the messages that are sent to and from SCP-1541-1 through a currently-unknown method (as SCP-1541-1 denies possessing any communication devices) are to be registered with the Records Department for review and research purposes.

SCP-1541 and SCP-1541-2 were first brought to the Foundation's attention through contact with one Amanda ███████ of █████████, Michigan. FIRY AND RUUDE SCP-1541-1: WHY HAS YUR FMLYYYY NOT PERFORMED THE RITUAL OF BLOOD AND WINE IN TEN DECADES? PROSTRT URSELF BEFOR THE FIRE OF [DATA EXPUNGED], AND BARE YOUR FLESH TO TH NIGT SKY, SO IT MAY PLEASE ME!

SCP-1541-1 and SCP-1541-2 were discovered during an interview by a member of Foundation staff, under the assumed identity of a technical support representative for the [REDACTED] Telephone Company, after the situation reached Foundation information analysts. Amanda ███████ : Look, asshole, this has been a long day and I don’t need this.

Closeup portrait senior mature woman placing hand covering mouth, yawning, looking away bored, isolated white background.

Item #: SCP-1541 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Due to the location and nature of SCP-1541-1, current containment procedures consist of redirecting the current civilian studies of the G34.3 celestial body to areas where SCP-1541-1 is not currently located. Researcher's Note: SCP-1541-1 continues in this style of message fifty-seven times during the next forty-five minutes, with increased repetition of the woman’s name and usage of punctuation marks, eventually (starting with message twenty-eight) using what was determined by the linguistic department as Babylonian expletives and various threats, and finally, by message forty-three, more pleas for the aforementioned rituals to be performed.

As well, efforts are currently being made to suppress information on the gradual shrinkage of the ethanol cloud contained therein.

Researchers currently assigned to SCP-1541 are allowed to respond to SCP-1541-1 through SCP-1541-2.