We must just sit back and keep our fingers crossed.A shame there are no longer any floodlights on Fort St.Lucian, i have sent an email requesting information as to whether or not they will be returning but as of yet have had no reply.

Live cam malta gisting-4

If I do well In Britains Got talent show, I would like my chances for Malta,s Eurovision I belive that Malta can Achieve to go forward and bring the Eurovision Hi Alan, I missed it too.

The reason is that Microsoft had installed the Windows 10 in my computer without my permission.

I had a total black out in my computer and had to take it to a specialist to repair it.

There is a big screen where you can watch the Euro 2016 games in the bottom right hand corner of the screen , I was there at the last Euro games and watch a couple of games there , it was a good atmosphere .

At that time if you wanted refreshments you had to go elsewhere to buy them but looking at the scene today I think there may now be a bar there under the canopy .

I think they are showing the Euro 2016 football matches in the area where the big boat was - certainly a crowd was there during the France/Romania match and then left shortly afterwards.I seem to remember that a number of events are shown here during the summer.Carmel Zammit, you would have to contact skyline, but even then it is the venue that decides to host them.They were hosted by a local restaurant, but i understand this has changed name and management.It's a shame as they were very good, Marsascala could do with some also. C, The works are due to start at the end of September/beginning of October, the original plan to construct it of wood & steel was replaced with a more solid and less maintenance structure of concrete.This has now been approved by MEPA, so nothing "should" stand in the way now.