NWN's features include: Post-release, I can say that Nw N is not the holy grail that I once held it to be. Perhaps the largest complaint is that the game is really designed for one character, as opposed to Baldur's Gate's six. Another complaint is the single player campaign that ships with the game-- it is widely considered to be subpar, compared to Bio Ware's other offerings.However, there are currently nearly 2000 user-made modules, and Bio Ware has started a free campaign, called "Witch's Wake" that has received much praise.

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It's somewhat different from what was expected, at the time I originally made this writeup.

A disclaimer; I'm one of the Neverwinter Community Official Moderators (Bio Mods).

Neverwinter Nights is a Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition RPG from Bioware Corporation.

It is a pseudo-MMORPG, allowing play in Single Player, small-group multi and full-scale MUD-like worlds.

Completeness, Creativity and Advice are the categories for ranking. I hope that the next Barbarian Guide made focuses on something other than the typical.

That said, for what it is, I rank it a 9.00 for completeness, creativity and advice. BARBARIAN AM SMASH: A Practical Guide to Breaking Faces – This is supposed to be a complete guide for two barbarian types: 1) come & get me and 2) mounted barbarian.The guide chiefly recommends a human or dwarves, invulnerable archetype, power attacking, raging vitality, extra rage power, reckless abandon, dazing assault, destroyer’s blessing, greater beast totem, come & get me, superstition rage power chain barbarian. Optibuilds’ 10 scale rankings for this guide are as follows: Completeness 9; Creativity 8; Advice 8. It has a good rage cycling section, though somewhat incomplete.The Barbarian Guides are below, but they don’t matter anymore, the only Barbarian worth playing is Thor Wannabee.This PDF features the 13th level Tough As Nail Barbarian Thoreau and his sidekick the untouchable and unseen W. When the two combine into one person like the wonder twins, it is GAME OVER. Pathfinder Barbarian Guide Compendium I would first like to say thanks to the dedicated gamers who created barbarian guides allowing everyone to utilize the shared expertise.As more guides are found, they will be added to this list.My rankings and/or critiques are not meant to be a slight to the creators of the guides – only a help to those using the pathfinder barbarian guides listed. Following the guides, as time goes on, Optibuilds will add links to other barbarian related links that are helpful to barbarian want-a-bees. Jolly’s guide to the Pathfinder Barbarian – Probably the most up to date guide on melee barbarians that use melee weapons. Barbarians rank among the best archers and unarmed fighters in the game.