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It feeds into the idea that women should appear happy and pleasant at all times even though they're not robots. (Granted, “resting mean face” doesn’t sound as cool and edgy.)I would gladly trade my resting niceface for a resting bitch face. Ideally, I’d live in a cave and never talk to anyone.

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“When we launch print campaigns, search on certain terms will increase, and every pound of online sales driven by email drives a pound of in-store sales as well,” he added.

Resting niceface is a condition where your relaxed, resting face looks extra friendly and approachable.

I'm not used to seeing myself with bold eyebrows — it always looks a little Groucho Marx-y on me. I definitely felt more sophisticated, like someone who owns a blazer. Dark eyeshadow definitely makes me look more severe, in a good way. That's probably because intimidation is more of a feeling than a look.

Mild intimidation factor achieved.(Eyebrow pencil: Brett Freedman Brett Brow in pale blonde.) I understand that for a lot of people, winged eyeliner is just a normal, everyday look. I felt like I added a lot of eyeliner, but maybe I could've used more? For a long time my dream has been to be one of those people who have effortless cat eyes every single day. As cool as cats are, I have to stick with human eyes.(Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner in perversion.) OK. Sure, you can put goth makeup on a baby deer, but it will just look like a goth baby deer. Let's do it.) While makeup can't change my resting niceface all that much, it can give me the attitude needed to chug a Mountain Dew, crush the can on my forehead, and let everyone know that I'm here for serious business only before riding off into the sunset on an alligator.

The aim is to reach the brand’s target 35 to 54 year old consumer who wants to see “stylish, elegant, real women” rather than teenage models.

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