Internet dating safety law

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Go home — alone This might be the single most controversial bit of advice on this list.

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Dickson reportedly told the victim, after picking her up from her house, he was now her "dominant," she was his "submissive." "As long as she did what he said, she would be ok." According to authorities, Dickson raped her and kept her from contacting her mother with her phone.

In Missouri, there were 1,510 reported rape cases in 2012, which meant that one rape was reported close to every 6 hours.

Whether he or she becomes the love of your life is yet to be determined — that’s why it’s always good to exercise some caution, he said.

COLUMBIA, Mo - A 35 year old man was charged with kidnapping after taking a 19 year old girl against her will.

However in the case of Michael Dickson, the victim did not know of his criminal background.

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