So when asked by graduate students and other junior faculty, I happily told them the things that worked for me, mostly in one-on-one meetings over coffee, and a few times publicly on panels.Of course, I said all these things without any proof that they lead to success, but with every proof that they led me to enjoy the life I was living. Several of my close friends challenged me to write this down, saying that that I owed it to them.They told me that such things were not done and were not standard. But what is definitely true, is that we rarely talk about what we actually do behind the scenes to cope with life. I've enjoyed my seven years as junior faculty tremendously, quietly playing the game the only way I knew how to.

Hot blonde Claire lost her cat and has no cash to give as the reward, so she offers something else, something most guys would value a lot more than cash, a blow job from a hot chick.

That move didn’t go well with Darlington’s more conservative residents though, accusing her of ruining the town’s clean reputation.

‘I have no money, and if you were missing your best friend or child, what would you do?

you’d do anything, it’s not like I’m offering a full sex, and this is my friendly way of saying thank you’, yep Claire, this is actually more effective than offering a bit of cash.

At one point, a guy painted a stray white cat so it would look the same as Geoff, the missing cat to claim the reward.

Scary myths and scary data abound about life as a tenure-track faculty at an "R1" university.Scary enough to make you wonder: why would any smart person want to live this life? And I can't blame them for asking, because I am scared by those myths too.As a young faculty member at Harvard, I got asked such questions a lot. I have chosen very deliberately to do specific things to preserve my happiness, lots of small practical things that I discovered by trial and error.I feel that one of the culprits is our reluctance to openly acknowledge how we find balance.Or openly confront how we create a system that admires and rewards extreme imbalance.I've decided that I do not want to participate in encouraging such a world. So with some humor to balance my fear, here's goes my confession: I decided that this is a 7-year postdoc. He was on the job market for faculty positions and had just gotten an offer from MIT Sloan. If I'm not here for tenure, then there are a bunch of things I do not need to do.