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‘Here’s my answer: These projects keep Americans safe.And by promoting health, security, and economic opportunity, they stabilize vulnerable parts of the world’…” (Belluz, 3/20). Guterres needs to use every bit of skill and good will to compel and cajole member nations and philanthropies to make the cholera campaign succeed — and with it, to settle the United Nations’ moral debt to Haiti…” (3/21). We also need to ensure that providers are competent and confident to provide the safe, effective, long-acting methods of contraception that women prefer, namely implants and IUDs.

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The authors note, “If the fractional dose is found to provide a sufficient immune response, fractional dose vaccination may be used more frequently in outbreak response campaigns.

This would reduce the vaccine supply needs during outbreaks and significantly increase the global capacity to respond to large outbreaks…” (3/20).

The reduction in mother-to-child transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is regarded as one of the most effective public health initiatives in the United States.

In the absence of treatment, the risk of vertical transmission of HIV is as high as 25-30%.

Vox: Bill Gates takes his campaign against “America First” directly to Donald Trump today “In a TIME magazine opinion article on Friday, Gates argued for why the cuts to global health in Trump’s budget proposal last week would actually make Americans sicker and less safe.

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