I have already made changes to the workarounds to reflect those changes.I also added translation credits to four international versions in the gallery.108: fixed spelling that crashed playing on monkeybars109: fixed another crash for missing picture going out to dinner, and fixed the endless loop at the drive in.110: fixed crashes associated with picnic dinner, and fixed naked monkeybars, and other text issues.My previous attempts at Superfly resulted in a way too shiny image.

It worked, the simplest of texturing resulted in a pretty good picture #1 above.

Just to prove that firefly and superfly are two different beasts, I rendered the super simple texturing in firefly and came up with an ugly mess in picture 2.

Next experiment was to add simple Subsurface to the face only (all i literally did was click the “Add Subsurface Scattering” button in the advanced tab) and rerendered in firefly again.

The result is a color change, that with a bit of tinkering I could fix, but instead I moved on to experiment 4.

The last is simple texture + simple subsurface scattering in Superfly.

The result is a bit more pixelation than the previous pictures, but ultimately the best looking one yet.

So I recently upgraded to Poser 11 Pro (I tend to skip version upgrades, so I have been on 9 for the past 4 years.)Poser 11 has a TON of new features, but the physics renderer known as “Superfly”, since the classic renderer is called “Firefly”.

Permalink Fixed some spelling issues like “waking to the park”Fixed a bug where Ariane would not give you any credit for doing well in the trivia game Fixed a bug where the game did not check properly if you tried to compliment her too many times.

The above fixes have already been made in the international version and the android versions, so they have not been updated.