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Lee is an Interventional Spine and Pain Management physician specializing in non-operative management of neck, back and musculoskeletal pain, in addition to interventional spine procedures.

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Spectrum delivers turn-key systems along with the sales training required to help your teams succeed.

Some of the Uber customers are complaining on Twitter that someone accessed their accounts and not only booked rides but also paid for them without their knowledge.

Most of the bookings were made for the destinations outside the United States.“It was crazy!! On Friday morning I received a notification on my phone that my driver was en route. I clicked on the notification and it said that the ride was cancelled but the pickup was in London.”Crisco also posted a screenshot on Twitter showing how someone booked rides by using her account.

Crisco has canceled her credit card after discovering the unauthorized use of her card and account.

Ubar also has refunded her for three rides.“We do not have any additional information to share beyond the statement we provided before: We investigated and found no evidence of a breach,” a spokesperson said.

“Attempting to fraudulently access or sell accounts is illegal and we notified the authorities about this report.