I grew up on the 45th floor of the John Hancock building, we lived right above the pool.There’s a playground by the Water Tower that we used to play at a lot. After graduation I went to University of Nevada Las Vegas.I was only 19 so if you don’t have your head screwed on tight you can really be sucked into the Vegas lifestyle.

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That day after I read the book on my lunch break I walked straight into my boss’s office and quit.

Had I not read the book or quit the job I would have been too fearful to start my own company or do anything on my own. Luke is like, “If you tell one more person, I’m gonna kill you! For a 30-year-old guy in Chicago it was honestly unbelievable.

” [Laughs] Let’s be honest, guys go on Match for a different reason so he wasn’t looking to meet me, it just happened. He had it really well done and it wasn’t from a past relationship either.

He had such a great sense of style, I wasn’t expecting it.

I’ve met wonderful guys in Las Vegas and Chicago but this was just one of those moments where you just know.

I was living in Vegas at the time but I knew I wanted to be back home in Chicago.We had been talking on the phone for a month and I was coming in town for Cubs opening weekend and we were supposed to go on a date.At the time I had been interning for a local designer and modeling—as much as you could model being 5-foot-1—but I really wanted to work for this high-end home builder, Christopher Homes.I ended up seeing [a colleague from my internship] at a convention and he had asked what I wanted to do. I was 22, making a lot of money but I was [not happy].When I mentioned Christopher Homes he was like, “Chris is right here actually,” so there was my stepping stone! One day on my lunch break I read “Secrets of Six-Figure Women” and it was the best book I had ever read.It’s all about being at the right place at the right time. The best chapter is called “Letting Go of the Ledge” and it’s all about letting go of the fear of not having this umbrella of a steady paycheck and insurance and all the other bullsh-t that really holds you back from believing that you can do it on your own.