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I set out to try and find what common stories were shared among gay Asian-Australians, and what to expect from just being born into this body.

What terms and conditions have I involuntarily signed up to?

What kind of separate eco-system do I participate in?

And more importantly, what should I expect on my personal journey in finding the perfect puppy-rearing partner.

So chat with other gay and lesbians around Australia.

“IF you’re going to look for a husband, go to America or Europe.” Those words were from a well-travelled Asian who I met at a speed-dating event one night.Upon hearing them, I felt like this bleak cynicism about the Australian dating scene pierced open a sleeping concern.Between the usual fuzziness of Lana Del Ray music and judgements of people’s clothing, an ever-hungry thought — “Am I single because I’m Asian? Does being a gay Asian, or “Gaysian” for those who like combining words, affect your dating experiences because of the way people perceive you romantically?____________ “ARE you familiar with the term sexual racism?” asks Min Fuh, the project lead of A-men magazine and a community health officer at ACON.Min refers me to the website after our interview starts but the term itself seems pretty self-explanatory: basically negating people out of your dating radar based on their race.