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This is normally a short-term committed relationship, where other titles (e.g.

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The change in relationship status has to be completely mutual or else things will not work out.

There has to be a dialogue between the two people so they understand each other entirely and no one feels uncomfortable." -Alex, 17 "What makes me want to get serious with a girl is determined by a several things: First, if she's my type, and if I would mind seeing her every day.

For me, I usually want the girl to compete against the other ones to see who really likes me the most and who don't really care." -Carson, 21"A good way for me to judge if I want to get serious with a girl is if I am thinking about her and don't want any other guy to have her.

When I feel this towards a girl, I know she is serious material." -Paul, 17"I always like getting serious with a girl when she isn't dependent on me.

That's when I'd consider getting into something serious." -Cameron, 19"There are many things that make me want to get serious with a girl.

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