She walked in my room, and saw me under the covers moaning. She asked what I was doing, then came over and sat down next to me.I said I was looking for something that fell down there.She didn't believe me, and got up and pulled the covers back, revealing my naked self, with my soaking wet vagina and wet covers.

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The other day, after I read some of these stories, I decided to masturbate.

She walked back over with a big smile on her face, and passionately kissed me. She slowly undressed herself, while never breaking the kiss.

She then took her shirt off, and bra, revealing her hard nipples.She then took her short shorts and panties off, showing her red, throbbing, wet pussy. She then started kissing down my body, and began to eat me out!! I then pinned her down to the bed, and started kissing her, while fingering her at the same time.It was in the middle of the day, and my parents were in the living room watching a movie.I was rubbing myself, and then put two fingers in and started to go in and out.I heard the front door close, but didn't care because I was feeling so good and I had just started moaning.My best friend Megan decided to surprise me and come over.